Monday, November 17, 2008


I want to know
What you do with my kisses
After I 've lost them.

How do you sleep
without my limits
Wake up without my time.

Walk without my silence
Run away without my tears.

Who is with you
when you are
without me?


shabbu said...

its just your memories wen you are not with me dear....

Kalyani said...

The greatest knowledge, pleasure, is to leave yourself behind, to be rid of all pains and memories and heavy desires, and float with a lightness of spirit. It is possible not merely in drunken stupor and death, but in the sobriety of life. Look beyond yourself, my dear, live in the vastness and depth of life around you.

Kalyani said...

In your profile, you say you have shadows all around you. You can look at everything another way, sweetheart: isn't it because you are the light that everything else is in shadow? And there is nothing pitiable for a light in burning out. Lesser mortals are the shadows, forever trapped in darkness...