Monday, October 20, 2008

On an Old Marble Love

Moments pass me by
like coaches
Training to be alive
go on and soak it in.
The sun has another
date today.
No worries, it's not me.
I serve and watch
While he smiles and charms.
I rest assured, happy, cocky:
Come September,
I ll watch him turn cold
And blue and bright
And then slowly wither.
The leaves change colour
So many so fast
I wrap and unwrap
A thing for you
In so many words
Difficult and aloof
All meaning to say
i love you....
(in lower case)


joshua said...
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josh said...

Potent. Mature. Signs of an acrid soul that's trying to find meanings in being tamed. Scribble and fill diaries, a lots. For, when you win the love, the love vanishes, with a lots of writings unwritten within you.

Also, Salini, please consider the need of the first line. Poetry can mock grammar, no doubt. Yet I'd tripped on that line. While, the second line puts you in touch directly with your central metaphor.

Rock on!